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hey kids.
I'm back from vacation and boy are my arms tired. looks like I "inadvertantly" took all of july off. and some of august. oh well. to kick it all off, I've got a double dose of fun for you guys today! a new qwantsy 'Godzilla comic' and then your regular, ol' timmy hangin' out with his buddy dave.
in other other news, my sister's book REAL COLLEGE has been reviewed by the NEW YORK TIMES! the review was shitty, but I'm pretty sure that the guy didn't actually read the book. he seems pretty pompous. so anyway, if you are going into first year university, den dis book is for YOU! too bad almost everyone who reads my stupid comic isn't going into first year. she should find someone better than me to tell people about the book... put advertisements for it on the sides of garbage trucks or something...
in other news, don't forget the friendly Dog.




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