it turns out that superman's been corrupted by his super powers. We should have named him "humble man" from the start, because then if he was corrupted, we'd still lose out pride (as he pees on us with atomic bomb force), but at least we'd have our irony. our sweet, sweet irony.

bn here!

Much like Superman, Baker has gone Corrupt with power. Small 'C' corrupt, not big 'C' corrupt, although I've noticed that I've spelled it with a big 'C'. Much like superman, he can be seen floating above the BC provincial courts, teasing the judges about how he is 'above the law' and flicking boogers at their cars as they drive away in disgust.

So, we don't see too much of him anymore... ever since he gained those damn superpowers. And what has he saved since he got them? money... not even time. instead of taking the bus (which is, ironically free for him anyway) he taunts passing motorists and bus riding people by flying abreast with it and laughing dishonourably at them. he stands on the roofs of sport utility vehicles when they've stopped at intersections too.

one day I'll trick him into eating kryptonite, though. then he'll lose his powers, get a reality check, and update my damn webpage once in a while.